A Mid-Year Lookback on Terravent Folding Kayaks

A Mid-Year Lookback on Terravent Folding Kayaks

Since paddling enthusiasts have mixed feelings about folding kayaks, Terravent has been listening to customer feedback and making improvements on details and accessory parts for our foldable kayaks.

There are no doubts about the portability of these folding kayaks for they are collapsible, easy to travel with, and less time-consuming to set up or fold up.

The questions are mainly about the performance and durability of folding kayaks because after all, they are not the same as hard-shell kayaks.

By now, what we have learned from our customers is that the Terravent folding kayaks are going fast enough on the water. As for turnings or going straight, these kayaks are not yet perfect. But it's not causing obvious complaints on performance because it also involves different skills and experiences of the paddlers themselves.
We have been able to make changes to the details to refine the shape of the kayaks, which contributes to better performance.

The durability of these folding kayaks has turned out to be a problem with the accessories. Due to long-distance transportation, unexpected operations, the packaging/installation method, etc, the accessory parts for our folding kayaks are not perfect to sustain all kinds of conditions.

The good news is that we found better materials and better suppliers to improve accessory quality quickly. Our current inventories are already packed with upgraded accessories.

With a 12-month warranty guarantee, customers who bought kayaks from us before can also contact us to get free replacement parts for their broken accessories.

Overall, we can see things are heading in a positive way. It's still our goal to make folding kayaks more affordable so our customers could enjoy the premium quality and have fun as a paddler.

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