Differences Between Canoe and Kayak

Canoe and kayak, these two words have been used interchangeably for they are waterborne vessels that allow paddling.

But there are still some differences between canoe and kayak.



The most distinct difference may be their appearance.

Canoes are usually open top, you can be seated or kneeling in it, rowing with one-blade paddle.

Kayaks tend to be closed deck, you can be seated with legs stretched out, rowing with double-blade paddle.

Speaking of Terravent Kayaks, the Terravent K2 is more closer to a folding canoe for it has a bigger open-top. And the Terravent K1 is more of a traditional 1-person kayak. The portable origami design makes them both lighter and more compact compared to traditional canoes and kayaks.



Kayaks can be a lot more nimble and speedy than canoes due to their length, speed, lightweight, and double-paddle. 

Now since there are both foldable canoes and kayaks out there, they can be both lightweight and much easier to carry with. But still, a folding kayak tend to row faster than a folding canoe due to its slimmer shape.


Where to go kayaking/canoeing

Usually, where there's water, where you may go kayaking/canoeing. The lake, the river, the ocean, anywhere that allows you to go for adventure or have a peace of mind on the calm water.

Traditional kayaks/canoes are tough to store and maintain. Now with folding kayaks/canoes available, one can own a kayak/canoe at home even if you live in a small flat. A paddling trip is easier than ever!

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