Folding Kayak and World Environment Day 2022

Folding Kayak and World Environment Day 2022

Terravent Kayak is offering a 20% Off Deal for World Environment Day.

- Does our folding kayaks have anything do to with this Eco Day?

- Yes. For good reasons.


Making efforts to protect our environment is doubtlessly beneficial to the living of all, not just humans but also other creatures on earth.

When it comes to folding kayaks, the eco-friendly topic starts from its material - polypropylene.

Polypropylene is one of the popular materials being used for sustainable development. 

Compared to other plastics, polypropylene consumes the least amount of energy during production and produces the lowest carbon dioxide emissions. Its lower density also reduces the absolute amount of waste.

Polypropylene can be recycled for making a variety of products such as battery cases, paint cans, home storage, flower pots, pallets, crates, and more.

Therefore, folding kayaks made with polypropylene are non-toxic to humans and eco-friendly to nature. 

Its weight-saving, elasticity, and toughness features also make foldable kayaks possible and reasonably durable for paddlers.


At Terravent, we are still improving the design and making of our folding kayaks. It's our goal to make products that not only meet customer values but also are responsble for our enviroment.🚣🌊

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