Folding Kayak VS Inflatable Kayak

Folding Kayak VS Inflatable Kayak

The benefits of portable kayaks

The most important feature of a portable kayak is obvious: portability.

For paddling enthusiasts, a portable kayak is a release of pain. A kayak that can be carried and transported easily means:

👍You can keep a kayak at home without taking too much space.

👍You can go on a kayak trip without too much hassle of packing or unpacking it.

👍You can carry a kayak more effortlessly during your trip, making it more fun and less tiring.

👍You are no longer bothered about going to remote places. You can get to the water more easily and don't necessarily have to camp along the water's edge.



Folding kayak and inflatable kayak are two types of portable kayaks. How well their portability can be has something to do with their shape, size, and weight.

Both folding kayaks and inflatable kayaks can be packed into small sizes for storage and transportation.

Once out of the box and set up, a folding kayak is much easier to be carried by one hand or on the shoulder for its slimmer shape.

An inflatable kayak tends can be less convenient to carry for it tends to be fatter and wider in a rounded shape. Also, you may have to bring the kayak pump wherever you go.


Convenience to Set Up

A foldable kayak takes about 5-10 mins to get ready. When you fold it for the first time, it may take longer because you need some time to figure it out. The folding process can be fun and effortless.

An inflatable kayak may take longer to set up, depending on the kayak size and how long the air-pumping takes. You may have to pump the kayak manually or use an electric pump.



Folding kayaks may beat inflatable kayaks in speed and efficiency. While inflatable kayaks may be more stable on the water due to its weight and load ability.


Drying Out

A foldable kayak is easy to towel down so it can dry out quicikly without waiting for a long time.

An inflatable kayak may be partially fabric which requires more time to dry out in the sun. If you pack it up while it's still wet, it may get smelly, which is not appealing for long time storage.



The durability of folding kayak and inflatable kayak is hard to compare. They can both last a reasonably long time if they are properly used and carefully treated.

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