In Stock: Terravent K3 Tandem Kayak

In Stock: Terravent K3 Tandem Kayak

Terravent K3 Tandem Kayak - the 2-seater foldable kayak is now available!

After months of performance testing and improvement, the Terravent K3 is finally in stock for sale.

As a 2-person kayak, it comes with 2 seats for 2 paddlers.

The max load capacity of this folding kayak is 551lbs/250kg. While testing in reality, 4 adults were able to sit in the kayak with 2 of them paddling. Therefore, as long as the overall weight does not exceed the kayak's limit, 2 paddlers can bring a child, a pet, or other extra stuff while paddling.

This tandem kayak is ideal whether you go kayaking alone, with a friend or family.

terravent folding kayak k3 tandem kayak



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