Who needs a folding kayak?

Who needs a folding kayak?

While developing a product, we always need to find out whether the target market exists and whether is it sustainable.

We asked ourselves, why folding kayaks are in demand and who needs a portable kayak like this.

Our customers have been giving answers to us.

One of our customers from Canada told us, he is disabled and has difficulties lifting heavy stuff. He found Terravent K1 a perfect folding kayak for him for the lightweight and convenience to use. He can now enjoy kayaking without needing help from someone else. Paddling is not only fun leisure but also a helpful exercise for him.

The oldest Terravent kayak user we have known is a gentleman over 70, who now lives in Thailand. He chose kayaking as a daily exercise for training his upper body strength. After doing his own research, he decided Terravent folding kayak is the most cost-effective and convenient one for him. Since he lives by a river, he's able to go paddling every week and show off his foldable kayak for no one has seen one before in his neighborhood.

For people who live in apartments, where there is definitely no room for an entire hard shell kayak, a folding kayak is a really ideal alternate.
Among the 3 folding kayaks offered by Terravent, the K2 is the most portable little boat. When folded up, it's just like a handheld suitcase, small enough to be kept in a cabinet or wardrobe. Easy to travel with by car, train, and even airplane.
While Teverrant K1 and K3 cannot be carried on a plane, they are still compact enough to sit in the backseat or stay in the car boot. No need for a roof rack or kayak trailer.

For those who wonder whether to own a kayak or rent a kayak, let's do the math:
To rent a kayak for a day usually costs $40-75. For 10 kayak trips (10 days), that would be $400-750 at least.
So we can see a folding kayak is surely worth more than that for it could last for years, not just 10 times of use. Considering the reality of using a kayak, we tried to offer a more practical number of how many times these foldable kayaks can be folded. Featuring 5mm double-layered custom-extruded polypropylene, Terravent folding kayaks can be folded around 2,000 times, which means if you go kayaking once a week, the folding kayak can last up to 10 years (except for violent damages).

By continually receiving feedback from our customers, Terravent is able to improve the design and making of folding kayaks. Our goal is to make these foldable kayaks more affordable while maintaining quality and performance. We believe a successful product is the joint effort of its makers and users.

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