About Us

Kayaking is an Olympic sport as well as an outdoor sport, which allows us to contact with nature closely.

Kayaking is an enchanting sport and fitness project, because it would be generally played in oceans, lakes, rivers, reservoirs and other similar areas with beautiful scenery, or blue sea, where people can relax,exercise and refresh at the same time.

Kayaking is a speed endurance exercise, which can enhance the function of cardiovascular system and respiratory system; furthermore, it is beneficial to the respiratory system due to the water sports, due to the negative ion content over water is 2 to 3 times larger than the indoor sport.

Kayaking can effectively exercise the muscles of the body, especially shape the muscle of shoulder, waist and arm wonderfully, and the coordination can be developed. At the same time, compared with land sports,canoeing is not easy to cause muscle mishap. The high paddling speed, can provide the experience of the light floating, and the impact force of speed.

With this goal in mind, we make this folding kayak. Lightweight, durable and elegant! Our warehouse in California is your strong back up.