Choose Your Kayak

Compare the specifications of Terravent Folding Kayaks and choose the one that suits you best. 

Model K1 K2 K3
Fold Size (hull) 42x10x18 inch/107x25x46 cm 33.8x28x11.8 inch/86x71x30 cm 33.5x28.3x13.7 inch/85x72x35 cm
Package Size 44x11x18.8 inch/110x28x48 cm 34.6x30.3x13.8 inch/88x77x35 cm 33x29x14.5 inch/85x74x37 cm
Expanded Size 116x31x13.8 inch/295x79x35 cm 154x25.6x13.8 inch/390x65x35 cm 193x30.7x14.9 inch/490x78x38 cm
Cockpit Size 71x23 inch/181x58 cm 30x17 inch/78 x 44 cm 94.4x20.4 inch/240x52 cm
Net Weight 20.5lbs/9.3kg 40lbs/18kg 40.7lbs/18.5kg
Gross Weight(Package) 27lbs/12.3kg 46.3lbs/21kg 47.4lbs/21.5kg
Max Load 270lbs/125kg 330lbs/136kg 551lbs/250kg
Max Paddler Height (suggested) 6.2'/190cm 6.2'/190cm 6.2'/190cm
Max Anti-wind Wave Rating Sea breeze 3 Sea breeze 3 Sea breeze 3
Folding Durability 2,000 times 2,000 times 2,000 times
Wear Resistance Grade Primary (*DO NOT drag on concrete floor) Primary (*DO NOT drag on concrete floor) Primary (*DO NOT drag on concrete floor)
Impact Resistance Level Advanced Advanced Advanced
Bag Tensile Strength 110 pounds 110 pounds 110 pounds
Sailing Speed 4.3-7.5mph/7-12 km/h 4.3-7.5mph/7-12 km/h 4.3-7.5mph/7-12 km/h
Assembly Time 3-5 min 8-10 min 8-15 min

Folding & Storage

3-4 min 3-4 min 8-10 min