How long does a folding kayak last?

How long does a folding kayak last?

Many customers have been asking us:

How long could Terravent's folding kayaks last?

What does "2,000 folds" mean?


First of all, let's understand the material. Terravent folding kayaks are made of polypropylene - a material that does not break when repeatedly bent or folded. We use double-layered polypropylene to enhance the durability of our kayaks.

Then how many times can we fold it? After 2,000 times of folding test and still not breaking, we believe this is a practical number for reference.

Let's do the math:

Suppose you go kayaking once a week through the year and fold the kayak twice each time, that's about 96 folds per year, or let's call it 100 folds per year. Divided by 2,000 times, we got 20 years of use. (If calculated by 20,000 folds, that would be 200 years.)

Then consider reality:
Due to weather conditions and limited vacation time, many people don't really go kayaking that frequently as once a week. So the folding kayak could last more than 20 years by theory.

However, to be fair, "folding durability" is not the only decisive factor. The lifespan of a foldable kayak also depends on how it's taken care of or how it's tortured.
If not violently treated, the lifespan of a folding kayak is reasonably long.

In the end, how long you will keep the kayak may depend on how long you can stay in love with it.

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